• Understanding Nail Sizes

    Understanding Nail Sizes

    Hammer and nails. Just like peanut butter and jelly, it is a classic combination that has always existed. Do you Understanding Nail Sizes? To Although hammers and nails seem simple, do you know which nails to use in each application? Nails also have right and wrong uses. Suitable nails have t...
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  • Raw material of nails and wire mesh products

    What is the Raw material of nails and wire mesh products? Here we introduce our steel kinds. Normally we use Q195 low carbon iron wire rod to produce common nails, roofing nails, coil nails, galvanized iron wire, black annealed iron wire, PVC coated iron wire, also hexagonal wire mesh, welded wir...
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  • Canton fair: bring to a successful close

    Dingzhou BEST Hardware Co., Ltd. ended our Fair by 24 April 2021. Here is our sales team foto. Sincerely thanks our clients visiting Our live show.   After the fair, we got many clients email and msg. Hope can talk more deeply about further cooperations with our nails, wire and mesh products. Mea...
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  • Online Canton Fair Invitation

    Online Canton Fair Invitation

    Since our Best company establishment, our organization has participated in China Import and Export Fair twice a year. We received merchants from all over the world, and brought various kinds of hardware products to merchants. This year’s Canton Fair, which is the 129th, will be held online ...
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  • New break of BEST

    New break of BEST

    With the new trends of international trade, more clients started shopping online. In 2020, we started our Amazon and eBay shop for American and European markets. We will update our online shop’s id in the following days. If you need a sample or buy a small quantity, you can try to make the ...
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  • Low carbon iron wire rod price

    Low carbon iron wire rod price

    Recently the low carbon iron wire rod price increased so much in a short time. Do you know why this happens? Many clients complain about increasing. Many of our clients stop purchasing due to the high carbon iron wire rod price. High costs affected too many industries. Not only iron wire product...
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  • Our Belt and road in Africa

    Our Belt and road in Africa

    Dingzhou BEST Co., Ltd., has invested in Africa since 2010. We started with nails making factory in a beautiful country Ethiopia, East Africa. And till 2021, we already have our own wire factory and wire mesh factory. As we focused on the wire industry, any wire-related products we will move to ...
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  • Hot sale mask galvanized wire

    Hot sale mask galvanized wire

    As the novel corona virus disease (COVID-19) has taken a foothold in over 100 countries and regions, the threat of a pandemic has become very real. Still, it would be a pandemic that could be controlled. Now we can offer 0.45mm–0.50mm galvanized wire for mouth Masks smoothly, and if you nee...
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  • We Are A Family

    We Are A Family

    DINGZHOU BEST HARDWARE CO., LTD. Chinese Investor in Ethiopia Donated 50000 masks and 5000 protective clothes to Addis Ababa City Administration and other Ethiopian government organs . During the donation ceremony , the manger of the company Mr Guang Xue delivered this message to Ethiopian people...
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  • Are you ready for 127 Canton Fair

    Are you ready for 127 Canton Fair

    How is your country recently? The situation getting any better? We are ready for our 127th Canton fair on line by 15-24 Jun, which means 10*24Hours. After we get website will update here. We want to know, any new inquiry from your market? During 15-24 Jun, All Chinese supplier will be on line to ...
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