• Iron wire price

    Iron wire price

    Iron wire price is changing everyday based on daily iron wire rod cost. In July, raw material rised everyday. Black annealed iron wire and galvanized binding wire cost higher much than before.
  • Black iron wire

    Black iron wire

    We provide two types of black iron wire: black brushed wire and soft black annealed iron wire. Black brushed steel wire is a hard drawn carbon steel wire suitable for mesh weaving, fence, iron nail, galvanized or lashing applications. Black annealed wireis mainly used as a bonding material in construction or daily use. Material: high-quality low-carbon steel wire or iron wire. Features: coated with anti-rust oil, low cost and economical. Weaving method: black wire drawing: wire drawing-coilin...
  • black annealed mild steel wire

    black annealed mild steel wire

    Black annealed wire is also called black iron wire, soft annealed wire and annealed iron wire. It includes annealed wire and black oiled wire. Annealed wire is obtained by thermal annealing. It is made of carbon steel wire. Annealed wire provides excellent performance Flexibility and softness are obtained through an oxygen-free annealing process. The black oiled wire is formed through a process of wire drawing, annealing and fuel injection. We can make it into a straight tangent line, or acco...
  • low carbon black wire

    low carbon black wire

    Black annealing wire is a kind of soft iron wire product made of low carbon steel cold drawing,heating,constant temperature,heat preservation and other processes.Iron wire is used in different ways, and the composition is also different.It contains iron, cobalt,nickel, copper, carbon, zinc, and other elements. Application: Building and fire organizations for black fiber cloth such as silk and silk tie made from high-quality wire,primarily for the construction industry and for tying silk tie...
  • black soft binding wire

    black soft binding wire

    Soft annealed high-quality black wire is mainly used for binding wire, fence wire and mesh wire in various industries. The annealing line is made of Q195 wire by drawing into a black line, and then subjected to oxygen-free thermal annealing. The black annealed wire has good flexibility, uniform diameter and is easy to bend in use. As a strapping wire, compared with other strapping wire materials, it provides better tension and twisting force. Forms of Supply: Soft annealed baling tie can be e...
  • Carbon Steel Black Annealed Wire

    Carbon Steel Black Annealed Wire

    Annealed wire is a kind of soft iron wire product made of low carbon steel cold drawn, heated, constant temperature, and heat preservation. The composition and composition of the wires vary. They contain iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc and other elements. Roll the molten iron billet into a 6.5mm thick steel wire (wire), and then draw it into a wire drawing device to draw wires of different diameters, and gradually reduce the diameter of the wire drawing plate for cooling,annealing,...
  • black annealed wire

    black annealed wire

    Annealing thread is also called annealing cable, which is a kind of packing thread, which is used in daily binding, mesh weaving, handicraft production and so on. Specification: Wire material: iron wire, low carbon steel wire. Process: thermal annealing. Mechanism: Annealing is aimed at returning the ductility of wire which it had lost during drawing. Production equipment: annealing pot, annealing furnace. The standard size:BWG5-BWG39 Tensile strength: 35-55Kgs/mm Wire types: black annealed...
  • black annealed bailing wire

    black annealed bailing wire

    Black annealed wire has excellent flexibility and softness due to its oxygen-free annealing process. We produce annealing lines with high-quality low-carbon raw materials through wire drawing and annealing processes. It is soft and has good stretch resistance. The finished product is coated with dirty oil. Thus, they are not easy to rust. We can bundle products according to customer requirements, and the weight of each bundle or carton ranges from 1 to 50 kg. The annealing wire can also be m...
  • black annealed steel wire

    black annealed steel wire

    Black steel/iron wire is divided into two categories, hard drawn wire and soft annealed wire. Hard-drawn wire is the most basic and affordable steel wire available. The term “hard-drawn” simple means the steel has been drawn though the die to the desired diameter with no additional processing or tempering. Hard drawn wire is most commonly used in shelving, automobile parts, and shopping carts. The appearance of the black annealing line has the lowest manufacturing barriers, but to make it hig...
  • Black annealed wire

    Black annealed wire

    Black annealed iron wire is also called black iron wire, soft annealed wire and annealed iron wire. It includes annealed wire and black oiled wire. The black annealed iron wire is named for its pure black color. The soft annealing line provides excellent flexibility and softness through an oxygen-free annealing process. Black annealed iron wire is obtained by thermal annealing and gives it the characteristics required for its main purpose (solidification). The wire can be used in civil constr...
  • annealed black wire

    annealed black wire

    Compared with galvanized wire, the black annealed wire has better tensile strength and is easier to bundle. Black annealed iron binding wire is also called black binding wire. The annealed black binding/binding wire has excellent flexibility and softness during the anaerobic annealing process. Standards follow: DIN, GB, ISO, JIS, BA, ANSI, SGS, etc. Forms of Supply: Black annealed tying wire comes in the following forms: Small coil wire; Big coil wire; Straight cut wire; U type wire; Quick li...
  • black oiled iron wire

    black oiled iron wire

    We offer black iron wire for worldwide customers. This is the most low cost industrial wires without galvanizing, zinc coating or plastic coating. Surface treatment of black iron wire is simply oil tapered. Forms of Supply: Black annealed iron wire, soft bright annealed iron wire. Wire Diameters We Supply: BWG5-BWG39,T/S(kg/mm2):30-55. Packing: 0.3 kg/coil – 500 kg/coil plastic inside, hessian cloth or weaving bags outside.
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