• pvc coated welded wire mesh

    pvc coated welded wire mesh

    PVC coated welded wire mesh roll has strong corrosion resistance. It is made of steel wire welded into a square mesh structure and then encapsulated in a color PVC plastic coating. Uniform coating, strong adhesion, bright luster and good corrosion resistance.
  • galvanized iron welded wire mesh

    galvanized iron welded wire mesh

    Galvanized iron welded wire mesh cloth is cheap and practical, and has a wide range of uses. As the name suggests, it is coated with a thin layer of zinc on the surface of the welded mesh to prevent rust. It has two different surface treatments, galvanizing before welding and galvanizing after welding . Welds, both have advantages and disadvantages.
  • Welded Wire Mesh

    Welded Wire Mesh

    Welded wire mesh is made of superior quality welded mesh, with flat even surface and firm structure, which is in the forms of rolls or panels for construction, fencing, agriculture,industry,building, transportation, mining, fishing, poultry, egg baskets, runway enclosures, draining rack, fruit drying screen, and other uses. Through high-precision processing, the end products is level, rust-resistant and flat with sturdy structure, which is widely used in many industries, like construction, pe...